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Galactic Reign

Aug 2013

A multi-touch Android game sporting a purpose built game engine, collision detection, and 3D renderer. Java Android

Key Points


Whilst never realised into a fully fledged game, this summer project served as a great learning experience and is packed with cool tech (in my opinion).

Video The planet is key to the game, so the menu displays it front and centre. Notice that the land mass drifts, and the rings orbit around the planet gracefully.

Video The aim of the game is survival. Destroy the rain of asteroids that come your way with various weapons.

Video The game features cool animations like this seamless masking interaction with the menu.

Image of different planets. The game features various planets, game modes, weapons etc. Weapons include rapid-fire bullets, lasers, and bombs.

Tech Specs

Game Engine


3D Saturn Rings

Lessons Learnt

This was a great project to learn about Android and game development. I was able to execute my vision technically and overcome various challenges on the way.

The hardest challenge, however, was making the game actually fun. I had so much fun making the game, I never stopped to make it enjoyable for others. Definitely a learning moment, and perhaps I will finish the game in future.