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Thesis Beam Analysis Tool


Perform fancy concrete section analysis in seconds with this tool made for engineers, by engineers! This was a program built in Python as part of my undergraduate thesis in Civil Engineering. Python Numpy Pandas Matplotlib

Key Points


This tool is used to accurately predict the performance of real bridges after they have been strengthened with special materials. It was developed for my thesis at the University of Queensland which was part of a larger study to improve the strength of ageing bridges cheaply and non-destructively.

Flexural Strengthening Of Prestressed Concrete Deck Units Using Externally Bonded Fibre Reinforced Polymer Laminates
- Jees, what a mouthful!

Note that work was shared equally between me and my thesis partner.

Read about the thesis and its applications


The program is designed for Civil Engineers who wish to analyse a beam cross section design. A user simply inputs details about the design, and the program outputs various tables and graphs as part of the analysis.

The program can accurately predict the performance of real beams under load. This was verified through multiple experiments as part of the thesis. Furthermore, the analysis is completed in mere seconds. More advanced techniques such as FEM can take literal days to complete. This combination of speed and accuracy is why the tool was so innovative at the time.

Analysis Tool UI Python isn’t known for its pretty UIs. It has Numpy though so all is forgiven.

Key features:

Tech Specs

This tool is a desktop application built in Python and uses the CSV file format for import/export of data.

Python Python

Read about the theory and algorithm here