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Spanish Flash Card Web App

Jan 2018

A bespoke flash card web app built with Django used to teach myself Spanish vocabulary quickly using data to analyse my progress. Python JS jQuery Ajax Django Heroku PostgreSQL SQLite HTML CSS

Key Points


At first glance this app looks like a simple flash card app like any other. Underneath, however, it’s powered by a sophisticated data analytical powerhouse used to track your progress and optimise your learning. Well that’s a bit exaggerated, but it is cool.

Image of the UI
No fancy JS frameworks here, just good old HTML and Ajax calls.

Fill the app with the phrases you want learn and the app cleverly feeds you new phrases once you’ve begun to master old ones. This spaced repetition technique has found to be effective in learning vocabulary.

Some key features:

Images of the content edit UI.
Includes a multi-parameter filter, pagination, and lovely CRUD operations.

Images of stats.
Check out your overall performance or dive into specific stats for each phrase.

Tech Specs

This web app was built in Django and deployed on Heroku with a Postgres database. This was built for web in order to practise web development, but also to be able to access the data and progress from any device, anywhere in the world.

The D is silent Django

Heroku Heroku

JS Front End