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Cool Tools for Git


Handy extensions that enhanced and integrated various Git related services at a previous company. Git JS Python CSS

Key Points


Read about why these extensions were built


Extensions were modularised and added functionality for specific use cases. Some were more applicable for architects, whilst others were tailored for code reviewers etc. Devs simply chose what they wanted.

Here were some popular ones:


Image of Bildebeest logo
Like a Wildebeest, this tool was all about speed and power. We also liked naming tools after animals.

Bildebeest (builder beast) was a desktop app used to build apps quickly when testing code locally. It was written in Python and integrated with Jira and Bitbucket.

Often you needed to download and build code from multiple repos. It took many dozens of clicks to find a branch, download it, and build it - and that was just for one app! With Bildebeest you simply clicked a button in Jira or Bitbucket, then Bildebeest would fetch all of necessary code and build the apps asynchronously. This reduced a 5+ minute workflow down to under 20s - activated by a single click.

- An actual quote from a colleague

The idea sounds simple but this app had to utilise many technologies in order to work. Once it was working though it was just magic!

Web Tools

Image of Dead Branch Finder
A dead branch finder in Bitbucket which identified deletable branches based on dozens of criteria. It integrated with Jira and found branches that were old, merged, completed etc.

Image of Jira Popup Improvements
Added critical info to Jira to help architects track and merge branches during release.

Image of Bitbucket Improvements
Integrated Bitbucket and Team City to display whether tests had passed for a given branch. Team City’s own implementation of this did not work with our setup.

Image of Jira Improvements
Improved Jira integration in Bitbucket. This example shows a new Jira status and link when viewing branches.

Image of Team City links
Added dozens of links in Team City to go to Bitbucket and Jira pages.

Image of Team City timeout UI
Improved the look of tests that timed out in Team City.

Tech Specs

Chrome Web Tools

Bildebeest Bildebeest