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Glacier Archiver

Feb 2019

An app using an unorthodox Python and Electron combo which helps me track, summarise, and archive terabytes of media files on two continents. Python React S3 Electron Typescript JS Redux HTML Less Webpack

Key Points


Glacier Archiver is the perfect assistant for me to back up endless supply of photos and videos. It’s also quite performant despite the name.

I generate a lot of data through my travel and photography habits. In fear of losing this data on the road, I craved a backup solution that was easy to use and secured in multiple locations. Consumer solutions didn’t seem to cut it, and thus, a new project was born.

It features:

Glarier Archiver Summary Image A cosy React built UI which includes a file explorer, upload tracker, and ability to run various actions.

Glacier Archive Example Contact Sheet Ability to summarise media content into a contact sheet which helps me to locate files visually.

Video Navigate local files, and restore or download archived ones.

Tech Specs

Originally all functionality was performed through a collection of Python scripts. These scripts enabled me to summarise and perform my initial backup before embarking on an extended trip. The Electron part came after-the-fact and wraps the original logic in a nice and friendly UI.

Python Python

Electron Electron

React & Redux React/Redux