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Where is Kangabru?

Mar 2019 View it live here

Like, where is he man? Well this site lets you find out! Originally built for friends and family, this web app lets you explore my adventures with a map and pretty photos. React Firebase Typescript JS Redux HTML Less Webpack

Key Points


Where is Kangabru? is all about showcasing beautiful places that I have visited in a fun and interactive way. Friends and family can see where I am, and also explore my favourite places around the globe.

I love it, I can keep an eye on him while he's off on his amazing adventures.
- Mom

It sports:

Map Screen
An interactive map with my current and previous locations.

Albums Screen
A vast and growing collection of my travel photos and albums.

CMD and Game Screen
A fully playable game! and CMS to manage photos and content.

Tech Specs

This is a single page application built from the ground up by me. The app utilises various technologies that I wanted to try out at the time.

Firebase Firebase

React React

Redux Redux

Performance Performance

JS Packages JS Packages

Mistakes and Challenges

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