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Personal Professional Thesis

Color Pickers

Jan 2020 | Take the guess work out of colors with these color picking apps. Are you a photographer? Then achieve the perfect skin tones in your photos. Color-blind? Then identify colors by their name quickly and easily. Python Qt

Portfolio Website

Sep 2019 | You're looking at it! This is my portfolio website written in Markdown, generated by Jekyll, and hosted on GitHub pages. Markdown Jekyll Liquid Python

Where is Kangabru?

Mar 2019 | Like, where is he man? Well this site lets you find out! Originally built for friends and family, this web app lets you explore my adventures with a map and pretty photos. React Firebase Typescript JS Redux HTML Less Webpack

Glacier Archiver

Feb 2019 | An app using an unorthodox Python and Electron combo which helps me track, summarise, and archive terabytes of media files on two continents. Python React S3 Electron Typescript JS Redux HTML Less Webpack

Cool Tools for Git

2018 | Handy extensions that enhanced and integrated various Git related services at a previous company. Git JS Python CSS

Spanish Flash Card Web App

Jan 2018 | A bespoke flash card web app built with Django used to teach myself Spanish vocabulary quickly using data to analyse my progress. Python JS jQuery Ajax Django Heroku PostgreSQL SQLite HTML CSS

Quick Mocks

Jun 2017 - Nov 2018 | Originally a 'Hack Day' project, this UI mocking utility became loved by devs and designers alike at a prior company. I won 3 awards and a significant windfall for developing it. jQuery JS Chrome Extension Google Analytics

Thesis Beam Analysis Tool

2014 | Perform fancy concrete section analysis in seconds with this tool made for engineers, by engineers! This was a program built in Python as part of my undergraduate thesis in Civil Engineering. Python Numpy Pandas Matplotlib

Galactic Reign

Aug 2013 | A multi-touch Android game sporting a purpose built game engine, collision detection, and 3D renderer. Java Android

Student Timetable

Jul 2012 | A fully fledged Android timetable app used to track my class schedules at university. It came fully featured with a tutorial page, snazzy animations, and a custom built UI. Java Android SQLite